Saab_9-5 5

German auto magazine Autobild has thrown a sizeable gallery of pictures of the upcoming Saab 9-5 sedan up on the Web and we’ve got some of the best shots. The 9-5 redesign has stirred up much interest in the car world since the four-door hasn’t gone under the knife since it first debuted back in ’98. Taking some styling from the Saab Aero X concept and from Saabs of years past, the 9-5 pulls the past and future into the present, delivering a marked step-up on the visual scale from the current 9-5. The interior adds plenty of subtle luxury with leather and gloss black touches throughout. Get to know the new Saab 9-5 a little better in the gallery below and wait for Saab to fill in the details when it officially “unveils” it in September. [via Jalopnik]