Corvette Competizione 1

The Corvette-based SV Motor Company SV 9 Competizione puts a distinctly Italian polish on the embodiment of American muscle. Beginning with a mesh grill that exclaims Ferrari far louder than Chevy, the carbon fiber body is designed to allow air to pass around and through its surfaces while cutting weight by 132 pounds from the Corvette C6 that it was modeled from. Moving to the rear, Corvette’s calling-card dual circle headlights have been cut to one per side in a redesign that seems to shave more style than it adds. Love or hate the Italian-inspired exterior, it’s difficult to argue with 450 hp and 445 lb/ft under the hood. Adding a personal touch, buyers choose from 25 different colors, four different wheel choices and a variety of interior trims and accents. 1000 SV9 Cs will be available for a purchase price of $99,995. Corvette purists will certainly balk at the faux-Italian redesign, but you can decide for yourself if it’s a hit or miss. [Corvette Blogger via Jalopnik]