Miller V16

Back in the 20′s and 30′s, Harry Miller was a dominant name in Indy racing and his cars took a swath of Indy titles during the time. The flagship of the time and only 16-cylinder car ever produced by Miller competed in several Indy races and is now going to be auctioned off at RM Auctions’ Monterey event next month. The car was restored in 1978 with its original engine being tracked down and meticulously pieced back together. Now’s your chance to feast your eyes on this example of American mastery, for the 303 cu-inch, 300-hp, 16-cylinder-engine-toting machine will soon be claimed by the highest bidder and who knows if or when it will be back in the public eye. It’s expected to sell in the $600K to $1M range. [via Autoblog]