A bowling shrine unlikely to attract the staggering, distended bellies and Bud Light Lime-infused sweaty sheen sopped off hobby leaguers at the alleys that populate most of this country, New York’s newly renovated Brooklyn Bowl is also part restaurant, bar and venue and looks like a ball.

Inhabiting the 23,000 square-foot former warehouse home of Hecla Iron Works, the alley was painstakingly retrofitted to house 16 pristine lanes and a 600-capacity performance space. Touted as the world’s first bowling alley built for L.E.E.D certification, Brooklyn Bowl is wind-powered and uses LED lights, reclaimed cork flooring, recycled truck tire stage flooring and re-purposed wood and glass throughout. Sixteen flat-screen TVs are spread throughout the alley, along with nine projectors and eight HD Cineflex screens and a state-of-the art stage lighting and sound system. The best part: Brooklyn Bowl’s “no bottle” or can policy, which means the bar stocks beers worth pouring into a glass. [via brooklynbowl, pics by Adam Macchia]