Zonda Cinque R

Pagani has unveiled its Zonda Cinque Roadster to inspire sheer envy in us all. The limited-edition, five-car roadster is nearly identical to the Zonda Cinque hardtop, outside of some tweaks to the carbon-titanium chassis designed around the removable top. Highlights include an AMG engine providing 678 horsepower, ceramic-coated titanium exhaust, Brembo carbo-ceramic brakes and a six-speed sequential transmission by Cima. 20-inch aluminum-magnesium wheels by APP with Pirelli P-zero tires provide the final accents to this incredible machine. If you’re fortunate enough to contemplate tapping into your bank account for the 1.3-million-Euro (app. $1.8 million) price tag, chances are you’re much too late to snag one of only five available. You’ll have to wait to see what prices look like on the second-hand market. [via World Car Fans]