Tour de France

Whether or not you’re an avid cycling fan (we’ll assume you’re not), this year’s Tour de France is a can’t-miss. The Tour must have tinkled itself just a bit when Lance Armstrong made a decision to race again after retiring four years ago, a move that is sure to get hoards of casual fans paying attention again. The seven-time Tour champion and most- recognized cyclist ever will see exactly how four years off and 37 years of age mesh with the grueling, 2175-mile race of all races. Of course, with a record seven titles under his belt, he has as much of a chance as anyone in the field. If the Armstrong drama isn’t enough of a draw, also watch to see Mark Cavendish, world’s fastest sprinter, zero in on the British record for professional race wins. Even if you’ve booked your weekend solid with barbeques, camping trips and beach rentals, be sure to flip in occassionally to watch how the Tour drama unfolds. We can’t promise that cycling will ever be this exciting again, but we have a feeling it won’t. [via BBC] [photo: Joe Shlabotnik]