Ahhhh…the Swiss. It would seem that anything they touch turns into the highest-quality market standard. Swiss watches. Swiss chocolate. Swiss engineering. The list goes on, and we can now add one more item to it: the Porsche 911. Of course, the vehicle is German-made, but the SPORTEC SPR1 T80 performance upgrade is all Swiss. The Swiss tuner has increased the power of the 911 to 858 hp providing teeth-chattering performance that doesn’t stop until the needle hits 236 mph. The 0 to 62 is just 3 seconds. Taking its four wheel drive into consideration, SPORTEC is all-too-happy to point out that it’s the equivalent of a VW Golf GTi powering each wheel. The T80 is further enhanced by carbon kevlar panels, forged alloy wheels, titanium connecting rods and ceramic brake discs. [via Jalopnik]