Hats off to car tuners. Where we see smooth, powerful vehicular immortality, they see that slight imperfection or tweak that impedes the vehicle from even further greatness. Such is the case with the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M. I look at that car and dream about how I’d cut off my left testicle just for a drive. Tuner Novitec Rosso looks at it and says: ” Ahh…more horses”. The RACE Bi-Compressor engine by the Maranello tuner increases the 16M’s horsepower to 696, some 186 more than the production engine. The 0 to 62 mph performance is pushed to just 3.5 seconds and speeds top off at 205. A push-button hydraulic system raises the front end by 40 millimeters allowing for better navigation of obstacles such as curbs and driveway transitions. It’s lowered by a second push of the button or when the vehicle hits the 49-mph mark. Subtle visual enhancement options include 20-inch wheels, black taillights and ergonomic leather/carbon fiber steering wheel. [egm CarTech via porhomme]