Infiniti Essence 5

Unfortunately, the smart, savvy Infiniti Essence, a hybrid concept first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, won’t ever become a production model. Like so many other concepts in years past, it came briefly to tease and tantalize our senses with its mix of sleek curves, lowered impact and 592 horses worth of sheer power, leaving us yearning for more. However, unlike most concepts, we’ll actually get a glimpse of the Essence on real live road. It will complete the Goodwood Hillclimb in this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, providing an opportunity to see if it performs as good as it looks. Alongside the Essence, will be the G37, an Infiniti convertible that will actually be available for purchase, in September. The Essence will also be on display at the festival’s FoS-TECH pavilion. [via AutoBlog]