Bugatti A

It’s no secret that the Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest high-performance supercars on the market… a very exclusive market. The roadster version of this timeless masterpiece pairs unparalleled performance with pure top-down driving ecstasy. Its monstrous engine features 16 cylinders, a combined capacity of eight liters, four valves per cylinder and four turbo units, bringing a total of 1001 horsepower. The seven-gear, twin-clutch gear box provides seamless shifting and acceleration. Reaching its top speed around 253 MPH requires the owner to use a separate top- speed activation key and keep the top up. With the top down, the Grand Sport can reach speeds up to 223 MPH. With a list of materials that may as well have come from a space shuttle–titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum–the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport keeps weight minimal helping to obtain its jaw-dropping speed. Merely 150 of these beautiful vehicles are slated for production, so if you’re in the elite class of men that can afford one, you better get on it. [via Jalopnik and Bugatti]