The sporty Volkswagen Scirocco, a top star in this year’s Wörthersee tour,  just emanates fun. It’s the type of car that just begs you to get in the driver’s seat and push it to the limit on a tight, winding course or road. Seeing even more potential in the vehicle, tuners at the Munich-based HS Motorsport have juiced it up significantly and made a special edition version called the Remis. HS added new intake and exhaust, including a 70 mm flame pipe, EU-approved catalytic converter, and rear and front mufflers, boosting the horsepower from 200 up to 290. A 320 HP version has also been promised. The Remis isn’t simply muscle; carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and 245/30 ZR20 matt black rims with 9×20 with Vredestein tires create a distinct profile for this suped-up ride. Heated Recaro Sportster CS seats with black Remis-special leather upholstery and white Remis embroidery complete the interior. [via World Car Fans]