Challenger Vapor, US Air Force Supercar 1

The US Air Force is going large with a new tech-themed recruitment drive to get your attention. They’ve teamed up with the folks from Galpin Auto Sports (MTV stars from Pimp My Ride) and the result is a couple of supercars that have blown us away, almost literally.

First is a fighter jet inspired Ford Mustang X-1 that features a full jet cockpit with a single ejector seat placed centrally. Power comes from a nitr0-fed 4.6L V8 engine that features a cold air intake, hot rod cams and long tube headers that help it throttle its inner 500 ponies. The other one is a radar-absorbing stealth-black painted Challenger Vapor that also keeps  its military appearance. It features one-off carbon fiber wheels, a shaker hood, proximity sensors and a 360- degree camera with a quarter mile range, and impresses with its stealth exhaust that helps it run in near silence.

Almost makes you re-think your career, no? [via Autoblog]