So what are gift are you getting for Dad this coming Father’s Day?  Skip the neckties, the golf accessories and the desk toys and get the man what he really wants– beer, copious amounts of beer.  A gift subscription to the Beer of the Month Club gets him 12 fine, microbrewed beers each month from breweries all over the world.  To see why we think this is the perfect idea for Father’s Day, hit the jump for our review.

For the beer lover in me, the monthly arrival of my Beer of the Month package is a moment of pure excitement.  I’m not overselling that one bit, it has become a near ritual in this StyleCrave editor’s household.  The package arrives, and in it are 12 beers I’ve likely never tasted before– their identity unknown until the package’s seal is broken.  It’s like the old pre-Christmas excitement once a month, a package on my door step with twelve bottles of mystery in it.

The May Beer of the Month package (I subscribe to the variety pack) included four beers, three bottles each, including the following beers:

  • Santa Fe Brewing Company’s State Pen Porter
  • Penn Brewing Company’s Penn Kaiser Pilsner
  • Lion Brewery Ceylon’s Lion Stout
  • Lion Brewery Ceylon’s Lion Imperial Lager

Those last two, from Lion Brewery Ceylon, are Sri Lankan beers– the first I’ve ever tasted a product of the Indian island country.  This is a common theme with the club.  After four months, I’ve yet to receive a beer I’ve already tasted, and I consider myself to be a well-traveled beer snob.  While not all are sure-thing hits, the majority have expanded both my palette and my buying preference when at my local beer boutique.

Why is it the perfect gift for Dad?  Beer is the quintessential man’s drink, and a good knowledge of beer should accompany every man through life.  What’s more, this package will arrive monthly, reminding Dad of your appreciation every time he takes a sip.  Besides, if he lives close you can always talk him into sharing it with you!

Visit for more.  Packages start at $20.98/month.  To see what we’ve thought of each beer we’ve received from the Beer of the Month Club, check out StyleCrave’s Beer Reviews column.

Beer of the Month Unboxing Gallery