Eisenbahn South American Pale Ale is our last remaining bottle from Beer of the Month Club‘s last shipment.  We drank carefully, slowly, and saved this one for last.  We won’t say this one is our clear favorite, but it’s a solid pale ale with an interesting story.  Eisenbahn is located in Santa Catarina, Brazil, a Belgian-style brewery in the southern tip of the country.  Eisenbahn’s SAPA, or South American Pale Ale pours a light, amber-ish color with a sweet, malty aroma with plenty of yeast character.  SAPA’s flavor is a bit on the light end for a Belgian pale ale, yet matching its aroma with the sweet, malty character (and a slightly bitter finish).  SAPA is enjoyable, not necessarily a “rush-to-the-store-and-buy-six-now” type of beer, but we were happy with it while tasting.  StyleCrave Rating: B