Fisherman’s IPA by Cape Ann Brewery arrived this month thanks to our friends and beer donors over at The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.  Fisherman’s IPA pours a rich, golden amber with a thin-to-medium head that leaves light lacing as it recedes.  To the nose, this pale ale has the earthy, hoppy scent you’d expect from the style, albeit a bit on the lighter side.  Fisherman’s IPA has the slightly bitter approach of a classic IPA, rounded out with citrus, caramel and a smooth hoppy finish.  It’s going to be a nice weekend, so we suggest ordering up a six pack of this stuff, calling over a few friends and grilling up some fresh Salmon with lemon, butter and dill.  It’ll match this (or any other good IPA) bottle like destiny.  StyleCrave Rating: B-