First impressions are huge.  The first thing that will strike you about Plungerhead is it’s namesake, the spiral-top “cork”.  Don’t fret.  It offers just as good a seal as traditional corks (maybe better, it is a little hard to open).  This wine is Big.  Not for the timid wine drinker.  The deep garnet coloring foreshadows the tone of this wine.  The nose gives you Oak with a touch of vanilla and spice.  Oak and Tannin are predominant on your palette and the touch of blueberry gives this over-powering but a nice finish, that carries.  This wine is in one word: Potent.  High alcohol content IS prevalent in both the scent and flavor.  All in all this wine is young and will benefit from a little “down time” in the rack.  For now Plungerhead is a little tight but there is great Old Vine character lurking in the near future… [don and sons winery]

  • Plungerhead Dry Creek Valley 2007
  • Old Vine Zinfandel 14.9% abv
  • $13-20

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