According to Maxim Magazine, actress Olivia Wilde is 2009′s Hottest Woman in the World.  Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE us some Olivia Wilde… but, really Maxim?  Really?  Megan Fox was a clear shoe in, and now she’s sitting in a dark room somewhere, eating a bowl of ice cream, spilling her tears onto the pages of your most recent issue.  Its okay though, we’re going to do whatever we can to comfort Miss Fox.  Besides, Megan Fox has the whole naughty appeal to her– you know, where you’re on a trip to Vegas and there is a good possibility that the two of you will wind up bringing home a call girl and some cheap champagne?  See, we get Olivia Wilde’s unique look, in fact, we love it.  But Megan Fox’s naughty quotient pushes her WAY over the top…  Check out a mega gallery of Olivia Wilde pics below, StyleCravers.  Deserving or not, they’re certainly worth a long look… [maxim]




Olivia Wilde Gallery: