Summertime.  The Coltibuono Cancelli 2006 is a very nice summer red geared towards everyday consumption.  The Sangiovese and Syrah play nicely together.  Straight forward, young, fruity wine with a decent structure and slight minerality.  The nose has the slightest touch of vanilla and smacks of the berries you will taste as soon as it passes your lips.  Dressed to impress.  The bold red and black labeling is no nonsense.  Hip enough to catch the eye and yet it’s classical styling is well presented at a dinner party.

  • Coltibuono Cancelli Toscana IGT 2006
  • 70/30 Sangiovese/Syrah Blend 12.5% abv
  • $10-15 / bottle

Complex enough for true wine drinkers to enjoy, with the easy drink-ability that weekend warriors love.  Perfect for that weekend grill-out… [cultibuono winery]