Mosler MT900 GTR XX by IAD 1

Pure insanity, that’s what defines the new 2009 MT900 GTR XX by Mosler Automotive. Apparently John Gocha and his team from Intense Automotive Design have taken their own shot at rebuilding the classic supercar to make it even meaner. Dubbed “The Land Shark”, it uses a Corvette-sourced twin turbo GM LS7 engine (381 cubic inch) that sports an unbelievable 2,500 horsepower and runs on a special combination of petrol, methanol, hydrogen and ethanol. This power should push it to launch from naught to 62 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds, to 150 mph in 6.7 seconds and to 250 mph in only 17.5 seconds. Expected to show teeth at the 2009 Bonneville Speed Week, we’d sure like to meet this shark in the wild … [via WCF]  (see the full gallery after the jump)