Porsche Carrera GT by Konigseder 1

The Austrian tuners from Konigseder decided to show off and release their attempt at a visually improved Porsche Carrera GT. Known as one of the most powerful Porsches ever, the GT has a new body kit that includes a re-designed front bumper with new air vents, a new rear bumper and diffuser, a larger rear wing, new side skirts and bright orange paint for a stylish appearance. With a new set of wheels, a deeper exhaust and a factory 5.7-litre naturally aspirated V10 that churns 612 bhp and 590Nm of torque, the guys at Konigseder turned this Carrera GT into a real beast. This beast jumps to 60mph in just 3.8 seconds and achieves a max speed of 330 km/h. They’ve done quite an impressive job! [via WCF]