If you’re like us (see: hopelessly addicted to Twitter, Facebook, et. al.), you’re always on to the next big thing as it happens.  Hey, that’s why you read the YouCrave magazines to begin with– to stay up to date on the latest in lifestyle, gadgets, design, movies and music.  So if you’re the Twitter-minded, an avid FaceBooker or prefer to stick with email or RSS, we’ve got an update for ya.  Earlier today, we launched a combined twitter account for all the YouCrave websites.  So if you want the latest news from us as it breaks, follow YouCrave on twitter for all the best, breaking news in one place.  How else can you stay up-to-date?  Here are the dirty details…

Stay tuned here for the full on-site experience, but feel free to use any of the tools above to stay up-to-date on all the YouCrave happenings.  Enjoy your weekend, say hello when you add us on Twitter and FaceBook!

[special thanks to for the twitter image tools, head over for great tools and tutorials for photoshop!]