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While North Korea dominated the headlines for launching other types of vehicles, South Korea was busy last week with the annual Seoul Motor Show, where a handful of new auto models where debuted alongside a slew of better looking models, many of which appear to be more than a handful.

Car blog Jalopnik rounded up the highlights from the April 3 – 12 show, which brought to light Hyundai’s entry into the hybrid market, the BLUE-WILL concept car. The four-cylinder gas/electric hybrid has plug-in capability, a Prius-like drivetrain and headlight bezels made from recycled soda bottles.

Also introduced was Kia’s first production hybrid, the LPI. Built under Kia’s Eco-Dynamics brand, the car is expected to have 124 HP and get around 41 MPG thanks to a battery built by LG Chem, the Chevy Volt battery supplier.

But Jalopnik found a flickr page that rounded up a gallery of the Korean auto models with lines, curves and body styles far better than those on any Hyundai. [via jalopnik]