BMW V12 Powered 760i and 760li 6

Given the current economic environment, people tend to appreciate smaller and more efficient engines. And although BWM delivers when it comes to better mileage, their latest 760i and 760Li models are definitely appealing to those who prefer a V12 under the hood. Outputting 544 hp in an efficient-for-its-kind 18.2 mpg, the V12 powerplant will retain the standard intake in the valley, the exhaust on the outside flow configuration and an eight-speed automatic transmission. With a wheelbase extended by 14 cm for more spacious and luxurious interiors and with an ability to race from naught to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds, expect the V12 powered 760i and 760Li to make quite an impact when they’ll be available on the market. [via Autoblog]