Angler’s Pale Ale is yet another surprise discovery from our friends over at  When we opened our latest arrival from the club last week, we tried this one first– call us suckers for the classic label.  Angler’s pale poured a light amber color with an aroma of floral citrus and subtle, sweet malt.  To the tongue, this beer is sweet to start with a friendly bitter finish, while the citrus and malt scents translate to the flavor quite well.  It’s a medium-bodied pale, which is quite drinkable on a warm spring Saturday afternoon.  While pale’s are not normally our first choice at the pub (we usually reach for something dark, white or basic), Angler’s Pale Ale is a welcome addition to our refrigerator– and this column.  Thanks to the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club for sending us a complimentary pack to try.  You can get your own each month starting at $21.99.