leatherman freestyle

We all know a war with the machines is inevitable. If cinema and literature serve as any guide, at some point, the mechanoids will rise up. The Leatherman Freestyle Tool will be our savior for three reasons. First, the minimal multi-tool has what you need to dismantle any sentient mechanical threat: Pliers and a combo-screwdriver. Second, the sleek and lightweight 5 oz. Freestyle has a sturdy, sharp stainless steel blade. If the battle goes as planned, the blade can be used to slash neural network wiring, pierce CPU heatsinks and buck shielding from satellite uplink cabling. If the war isn’t going well, it can be used to hone makeshift spears or carve the dramatic human story into smoldering tree trunks. Lastly, the Freestyle Tool has a bottle opener, a critical tool that will find use at War’s end — no matter the outcome. [$63 at bhphotovideo]