Ever heard of a Corsican beer called Pietra Biera Corsa?  Neither had we, until it arrived in our package from The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club early this week.  Pietra is a European dark lager style beer infused with chestnut and brewed in Corsica, France.  Its color is a cloudless, light amber with off-white head and sweet scents of toffee but surprisingly none of the chestnut suggested on the bottle.  The flavor is malty and bittersweet with a medium body and a clean, dry finish.  In comparison to everything we’ve tasted from BeerMonthClub.com yet, this wasn’t a solid win.  We may not grab a bottle of this one every time we hit our local beer boutique, but we’re still glad we had the chance to give this one a healthy taste.  [check out more of StyleCrave's weekly beer review column!]