Prindiville Prestige Lamborghini Murcielago

When just a Lambo is not enough, you call the Brits from Prindiville Prestige. A custom builder of luxury one-offs for a very exclusive clientèle, they recently got their hands on a Murcielago and changed a few things here and there. The modified carbon fiber design now features a dynamic rear end complete with a titanium sports exhaust system, handle-less doors and a restyled engine bay cover with transparent cooling louvres. But more impressive than the aggressive exterior, Prindiville took good care of the interior. It’s filled with rich leather, hand-finished aluminum accents and packing any multimedia system the buyer desires. Way out of our league with a $430,000 price tag for the interior modifications only, Prindiville Prestige’s customized Lambo is definitely a vision for the ultimate dream car. [via TheAwesomer]