Steve McQueen Metisse Desert Racer Replica 1

After 46 years since his epic jump in The Great Escape, Hollywood legend Steve McQueen’s Desert Racer motorcycle is making an exciting comeback. With full endorsement from the McQueen estate, Oxfordshire-based Metisse Motorcycle are working on a limited edition run of replicas of the bike. Recreating as many details as possible, just like the original the new Metisse Desert Racer will use a  reconditioned period Triumph TR6 engine complete with a single Amal carburetor. With a chrome-moly, nickel plated, oil bearing frame, two chromed steel wheel rims, period chromed exhausts and a scramble rear tyre, the new Desert Racer looks more like a collector’s favorite rather than a dirt eater. Yours for £13,000 (some $18,500 at today’s rate) only 300 units will be built. [via HFLM]