Fleur De Lys Mansion: Let’s spend some money! Or watch others do it! The Fleur De Lys Mansion in Beverly Hills just became the world’s most expensive estate– selling for $125,000,000 to none other than Mariah Carey.  Who knew that she earned so much from her film Glitter?  Film fanatics that did NOT see that film, one of history’s worst, will recognize the Fleur De Lys mansion as the home of the film producer from Godfather (video below) who received the horse’s head treatment.  That aside, we wonder how much this estate would have sold for before the bubble burst… [via trendhunter]

Film buffs might recognize the Fleur De Lys mansion from The Godfather movie.  Need your memory jogged?  Here’s the famous clip where the Fleur De Lys was featured in The Godfather: