Jamaica Stout

Our friends and sponsors at The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club sent us another beer to check out this week, Jamaica Stout by Desnoes & Geddes Limited.  “Proudly Brewed in Jamaica”, this one is a surprising departure from the common perception of Jamaican beer.  Most casual beer drinkers are familiar with Red Stripe, a beer more popular for its bottle and branding than its below-average quality and taste.  While some beer snobs may scoff at a stout from such an unlikely location, we’ve found this one to be a nice little discovery.  Continue reading after the jump for the dirty details on Jamaican Stout– and if you like the idea of getting a surprise batch of new, interesting beers each month– head over to BeerMonthClub.com and subscribe, starting at just $20.95/month.

Desnoes & Geddes Jamaica Stout poors a deep black color with dark brown-ish head.  To the nose, this stout has an aroma of chocolate, slight raisin and an obvious hint of alcohol– a telling sign that this 8.0% alcohol/volume beer is as tough as a stout can be.  The flavor wasn’t as striking as the scent, with tastes of cola and boozy sweetness but less of the chocolate stout we’d expect.  In all, it was a happy experiment, as the three bottles that we tested didn’t last very long.  Is Jamaica Stout a competitor to Guinness, Murphy’s or otherwise?  No, but we don’t expect it to be.  Try a six pack of this one as Spring thaws and that Jamaican flag could bring a bit of Carribbean warmth to your Saturday afternoon.  Bon Apetit, StyleCravers!  Don’t forget to pay our friends at BeerMonthClub.com a visit.