Each year, the Geneva Motor Show showcases some of the finest luxury and sports automobiles in the world.  From Bugatti to Rolls Royce, Pagani to Lamborghini, the Geneva Motor Show spares no expense in its showcasing of the world’s top car brands.  As a general rule of thumb, you can assume that wherever you’ll find a large collection of rare luxury sportscars– you’ll also find beautiful women.  Lots of them.  In this case, all the great boutique car manufacturers have hired a bevy of European models to pimp their rides to the public.  Since we’ve done plenty to celebrate the Geneva Motor Show, its about time we celebrate the pretty faces making it run smoothly.  After the break– we give you 21 pictures of the beautiful booth babes of the Geneva Motor Show 2009. [via jalopnik]

(thanks to Jalopnik for the images)