Do you have one of those obnoxious wine snobs in your life? You know the type–he comes over, debases himself with whatever “swill” that you offer, swirling it around in his glass and slapping his lips together as though it’s a tasting in Napa, then proceeds to tell you about the “real” wine that he indulged in at last night’s dinner. Obnoxious jack ass. Well, it’s time to one up him. Bring this Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Tasting Kit over to his house and pull out your etched snifter, etched rock glasses, tasting guide, aroma wheel and laminated tasting mat when he pours the scotch. Then fill him in on all the shortcomings of the double malt that he keeps on hand while emphasizing that any real man would offer something more palatable. He’ll be wiping egg off his face all the way back to the vineyard. Retails for $50.