Palates refined enough to enjoy sipping scotch are likely developed enough to have taste for great design. In 2006, North Scotland distillery Highland Park reworked the packaging and bottle design of its 30 and 40-year-old single malts, which Notcot points out, is reminiscent of the recently released rye whiskey brand (ri)1. The Celt, Pict and Viking-inspired re-branding apparently came courtesy Andy Bowman, an award-winning designer who runs the show over at Mountain Creative Design. All four bottles were redeisnged. Highland’s 40 and 40-year-old batches now come with embossed wooden boxes, while its 25 and 18-year-old scotches come packaged in matte plastic boxes. Quench your thirst for drink and design, and soak up the before and after design pics below. [via notcot]