valentines day gift guide

Second to your anniversary, Valentine’s Day is the most important day on her calendar.  While some may argue (us included) that the day of St. Valentine has become more about Hallmark than about real emotion, it is our duty to make her feel her most special on this day.  So what could you do to make this Valentine’s Day the greatest day in her memory?  If money is no object and time is of the essence, here’s our guide to giving her the best she’s ever had.

To Taste: Fine Champagne with a Valentine’s Twist


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you need to show your better half that she’s worth a whole lot more to you than the minimum effort of cheap Korbel.  For around $60 a bottle from your local wine seller, we suggest a bottle of Moet & Chandon’s Rose Imperial Champagne.  Imperial Rose is a blend of three wine grape varieties, with an emphasis on Pinot Noir and flavors of fruit and light citrus.  This champagne will be an ideal fit for Valentine’s Day, as its pink label and fruity flavor will fit her emotion and palette like a spa treatment in a glass.  If you’ve got a bigger budget, we suggest the Moet Imperial Rose box set, featuring gold hardware and a pink leather interior, shown in all its glory in the gallery below…

moetrose3 moetrose2 moetrose1_06162008

To Smell: Rare Flowers


How many red roses have you bought to treat the women of your past?  Your better half wants to feel truly different, truly special to you– more so than the women that came before her.  Forget the roses, opt instead for a flower that represents what your woman means to you.  We prefer orchids, and not your common garden variety.  While it may take a bit of hunting, specialized flower boutiques can provide a flower befit for a queen.  While we couldn’t condone seeking a flower so rare that it is endangered, a floral specialist should be able to give you a selection of rare flowers that will make her melt on the 14th.

orchid_msp1 orchid_msp2 orchid_msp3

To Entice: Exotic Perfumes


Your local department store can provide you with every generic scent under the sun– but if you’ve noticed a pattern here, we suggest you look off the grid.  Our pick is a collection of six scents aptly named the Six Scents Fragrances.  Each year, a group of six renowned perfumers and six avant garde artists are paired to deliver six unique fragrances for this line.  While the 2009 edition has yet to be named, the 2008 bottles can still be found.  The best part?  The proceeds of the Six Scents line go to a charity of the artist’s choice– meaning that the love of your life is not the only one to benefit from this sale.

six-scents-fragrances-designer-5 six-scents-fragrances-designer-3 six-scents-fragrances-designer-2

To Experience: Romance Travel


While it may appear a bit too late to travel, spontenaiety is truly the main ingredient of romance.  With the world wide web at your fingertips, setting up a last minute vacation is never out of the question.  If money is no object, we suggest a last minute trip to Cinque Terre and Portofino, Italy.  A string of villages and towns stretch across Italy’s secluded coast, inhabited by a warm and friendly culture that invites you in to relax and enjoy the environment.  Bed and breakfasts, sidewalk cafes and intimate restaurants are at a surplus in Cinque Terre and Portofino– yours for the (breath)taking.

cinque-terre-italy_3_msp cinque-terre-italy_4_msp cinque-terre-italy_1_msp

To Touch: Designer Erotic Toys


As the day of St. Valentine has become more of a celebration to the Greek god Eros, we thought it would be appropriate to include a gift that is erotic in nature.  Our friends over at JimmyJane are the creators of a line of erotic toys that they call “Little Something”.  The jewel of this line, no pun intended, is the diamond-encrusted Little Gold Eternity (as well as its platinum counterpart).  Available for $2,750, the Little Gold Eternity is a 24k gold vibrator with a total of 28 diamonds in a ring around the vibe’s head.  Rest assured that when you aren’t there to pleasure her, she’ll still feel special with this resting under her pillow.

070906-ls-gold-detail2 071120-ls-eternity-gold 080208-ls-eternity-asst

To Remember: Contemporary Titanium Jewelry


To make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable it can be, seal it with a ring on her finger.  If you’re already married or not yet ready to propose, its never a bad occasion to commemorate with a diamond ring.  Starting at $360 and climbing quickly from there, this collection of titanium jewelry is certain to fit her happiness like a glove.  The people at Titanium Era offer a collection of contemporary titanium rings that range from minimal to progressive– each including a diamond centerpiece.  Our favorites are the Cosmos, Minerva and Andromeda, shown above, respectively.  If you want to mark this occasion as one she’ll never forget, seal it with a diamond ring.

3765 3765 1746

Thanks for reading, and best of luck for the holiday ahead, StyleCravers.  Let us know how your holiday goes, and be sure to come back and share your success stories with us.  In the mean time, do your guy friends a favor– send this along their way.  Even if some of the ideas above are out of an ideal price range, this list will still serve as inspiration for finding ways to make her feel special.  While you’re at it, we’d certainly appreciate a vote for this article on your favorite social media website!