It’s hard to figure out exactly what’s going with Norimichi Hirakawa’s high-tech art installation. Using contact microphones, a giant screen and a Mac Pro running some kind of visualization algorithm alchemy, the Japanese artist has created an interactive piece that’s puzzling, mesmerizing and more than a little haunting. Swirling, undulating lines heave and spiral, dance and fade away — it could be a simulation of a trip through hyperspace or an experience we will all witness when the switch is finally thrown on that Large Hadron Collider. It’s also hard to tell if Hirakawa’s explanation of the installation loses something in translation or is a dead-on synopsis of his hypnotic art:

Do we have any way other than facing the surroundings with our body in the situation where the observed object is lost by the observation?

Hrmm… He makes a good point… I think. Either way, the installation looks amazing. Wish I could watch it in person. [via fabrikproject]