Your naked notebook could use a bit of a facelift.  In a world where embellishment and personalization are paramount, our new friends over at FurryRobo have some crave-worthy solutions.  FurryRobo offers a range of designer and customizable laptop skins and a line of “mini sleeping bags”, a nostalgic set of cases for your laptop.  Both are available in many different styles from “Baroque Art” to “Rock and Roll” to “Robot03″– in addition to the aforementioned custom options.  This Singapore-based design crew will ship anywhere in the world, and our pal Des at FurryRobo sweetened the deal for the StyleCrave community with our very own coupon.  The laptop skins start at $32.93 (note that the FurryRobo website prices are in Singapore dollars), and StyleCrave readers can receive 20% off through February 15th with the code “STYLECRAVE“.  Head on over and check ‘em out… [$26.34 at FurryRobo with coupon code "STYLECRAVE]