Spooky, strange, stylish and simply eccentric, these are the leather-pampered creations of Natalia Brilli. Natalia is a Parisian designer who seems as though she could always do with more leather in her designs. Using treated lambskin to cover her creations, Natalia is a design rockstar with leather on the brain.  Take the above as an example– Brilli’s rock show piece includes three skeletons, a drum set, guitar and amps all cased in fine black leather.

Natalia’s other work is a bit more standard– including a jewelry, a domino set, a vespa helmet, laptop cases, wallets and more all wrapped in leather.  The museum pieces by Brilli may not be the most accessible, whereas her consumerish goods are a bit more functional. Either way, we thought this collection was nothing short of crave-worthy. [via DesignBoom]