If you’re a car aficionado then you’re likely familiar with Top Gear and the Stig.  Glance above, and you are looking at the Stig’s #1 car. Holding the Top Gear record for the fastest vehicle around their famous test track, the Gumpert Apollo Sport is now coming stateside. Up until now, the vehicle was only available in Europe but now, Arizona’s Evolution Motorsports has entered into a partnership with the German company to bring 10 of these vehicles stateside annually. Supercars fit under three basic categories. There is Fast, Crazy Fast, and Are-You-Out-Of-Your-Freaking-Mind fast. This one falls into the latter with it’s 800 horsepower and active aerodynamics package. Want one? Sign up now and bring along $415,625. They will be sold just as fast as they can drive.  [via techeblog]