Last year, GearCrave ran a widely popular article, a take on the foolish New Year’s Resolutions that people make– and how to break them in style.  In celebration of this New Year, we considered putting together a renewed version.  But looking back, our article on How to Ruin Your New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t need an update.  Why?  Head on over and read for yourself.  Not only is it worth a laugh, its a great way to dump on those silly resolutions you know you’re never going to keep.  Want to eat less?  Go the opposite direction, learn about competitive eating.  Want to spend more time with the family?  Try space tourism, or fake a bachelor party in Vegas.  Point being, you might as well set those resolutions aside right now– and do so in the best way possible.  Check out GearCrave’s guide on ruining your New Year’s resolutions. [gearcrave]

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