There are fixed gear bikes– and there is the 2009 Pinarello Montello FP8 Pista.  This fixie is certainly in a class of its own, built for time trials but hungry for the concrete jungle.  Its all-carbon frame is formed to fit the rear tire, an approach as aerodynamically functional as it is visually striking.  This and the all-carbon FP8 fork are shaped to decrease win resistance on both the rider and the spinning wheels.  As stiff as brick but virtually weightless, the Pinarello Montello packs state of the art technologies including the latest monocoque carbon fiber, computer-aided aerodynamics and variable ride settings for time trials or triathalons.  Dropping $5,900 on a fixed gear bike ain’t easy, but you’ll feel this price is justified after just a few turns of the crank… [pinarello]