Citroen has long been known for designing vehicles which could be considered cutting edge in the looks department. The Hypnos is the next evolution of their design strategy. Designed as a diesel-electric hybrid 4×4, the concept measure 16 feet in length and it uses rear hinged back doors and an offset seating arrangement. Inside is where this concept’s technical achievements start to show. With innovative and intelligent technology such as a face-recognition system that adjusts the cabin environment to its occupant’s emotions, thermo-sensitive ambient lighting, a faceless clock and diamond-shaped instrument clusters. The four sculpted seats are made of prism-shaped components and can be inflated and deflated to give occupants upper and lower back massages on the go.  Additionally, passengers can customize their own space using the pivotal blades of the central helix-shaped console, which includes a range of controls such as the vehicle’s air-conditioning settings. The aptly named Hypnos can easily leave you hypnotized with its myriad of creature comforts– and that’s what road trips are all about.  [via dezeen]