You’ve either seen them in the street or felt them under your feet– but fixed gear bikes are everywhere these days.  Fixed fanatics have a reason to rejoice today, as Fixed Magazine’s second issue, Winter 2008, has been released to readers today both online and in print (downloadable here).  If you’re wondering where this wildfire trend started, take a peek at that image above.  You’re looking at the Velodrome, one of many track bike racing tracks throughout the world.  In order to maximize performance, traditional road bikes were stripped down to the bare minimum– a frame, a set of wheels, handlebars, pedals and one single gear.  These lighter bikes were geared for moderate acceleration and high speeds… but no brakes.  Track racing ain’t the safest of sports, neither is riding a fixed gear in rush hour Chicago.  We’ve done the latter, as have thousands of others.  Check out Fixed Magazine to find out if you should too… [fixed via highsnobiety]

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(image courtesy: giothebike)