Even though this is technically a concept car, we consider it one beastly little trike. Desgined by Alex Hodge in New Zealand, this is one example of what could help bring the Big 3 back from the darkside. Powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc engine with a redline of 10,000rpm, this trike will reach a top speed of 144 MPH. With three 19-inch lightweight alloy wheels equipped with twin rear and front disc brakes, it assures you that you can bring it back down from 144 to zero in a hurry. Made from a fiberglass outer shell and an alloy chassis, it gives this land jet the necessary aerodynamics to make sure the wind on the freeway won’t affect your 0-60 times. With its jet-style canopy, you can have the fighter plane you wanted without having to join the military. All you need is the Ray Ban’s and your call sign and the sky’s the limit.  [via dvice]