Without argument, the Roland TR-808 is the most iconic drum machine in the history of modern music.  If you haven’t heard of the 808, it is likely you’ve at least heard it in action.  This machine has been the weapon of choice of some of music’s most storied producers from Timbaland to Plastikman, Marvin Gaye to Kanye.  Today, Berlin’s own Gwendolin Taegert has taken the 808 icon in an unlikely direction– soft and cuddly.  One of three in Taegert’s series of “Softmachines”, her Beat Box 808 is a true-to-form pillow reproduction of Roland’s TR808 Rhythm Composer.  For the guitarists of the world,  Taegert has also created a version of Electro-Harmonix’s Bif Muff Pi and the ProCo RAT Distortion pedal.  The music-minded, myself included, can now lay their heads down to rest on these icons of music production.  [~$132 at softmachines via unplggd]