Looking at this watch, the last thing that would ever come to mind is the subject of counterfeiting. But that is exactly why this watch was designed. Fake luxury goods is a very profitable industry and Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watchmaker is trying to make sure the crooks don’t make a penny at their expense. Designed by Swiss artist Roger Pfund, who also designs bank notes and passports for Switzerland, France and China, Pfund was the winner of the first design competition for the new Euro in 1996. Even though his note was never put into circulation, by looking at this timepiece we seem to think it was a mistake.

With a sapphire crystal dial that features engraved numerals (magnetically filled with copper) and with microscopic printing, this watch features excerpts from letters between company founders Jaques-Barthelemy Vacheron and Francois Constantin sprayed into the crystal in white gold. Also attached to the dial is a polymer film with markings in invisible UV ink, as well as microscopic lettering with the same type of security technology used in Australian currency. What else can it possibly have? How about a passport with 20 security measures so that owners can verify the authenticity of their Quai at the time of service. With up to 400 possible combinations of customization and a starting price of $12,000 you can rest assured that no matter the combination this watch will be one of a kind.  [quaidelile]