Long time GearCrave readers will recognize the image above and instantly feel the pain of winter.  It has been nearly three months since we ran our Beer of the Week column, and by taking a look at that old column on GearCrave, you’ll see why that pain is so striking.  Below those three inches of snow that fell this morning was the old bed of this series, lush green grass that is a good five months away from me now… That aside, the new Beer of the Week column is now here on StyleCrave.  We’ll bring you the best beers from across the world each week, starting today.

Rogue’s Imperial India Pale Ale is nothing short of oustanding.  While it isn’t cheap and ain’t always easy to find, it is a gem to taste when the opportunity strikes.  When poured, this pale ale leaves a nice lacing head about an inch thick with an aroma heavy with citrus, hops and toasted malts.  To the tongue, this beer is a refreshing blend of light citrus and broad, spicy hops.  Its not as drinkable as most beers, as this IPA has a hefty alcohol content.  At your local beer boutique, the Rogue IIPA fetches ~$9.00 a bottle.  Enjoy it slow, share it with a friend.  This beer is one hell of a taste experience.