Once in awhile something so revolutionary comes along that not only does it set a standard, it sets the bar pretty damn high. So is the case with the Optibike OB1, an electric/manual hybrid with the durability of a mountain bike. Designed by award winning bike designer Jim Turner, the 2008 Optibike OB1 landed in the California Academy of Sciences museum touted as “The future of transportation.” The 2009 model has arrived and it has done so with so a laundry list of technical features: ultralight carbon fiber components, state of the art GPS navigation,and a fully integrated PDA that displays all of the performance details of the patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB). With a lithium ion battery that allows you to ride for two hours pedal-free, these bikes are state of the art in every sense of the word. If you want in on the action, better hurry– they only make 24 of these bikes for each model year.  [$13,000 at optibike]