The Aprilia 850 Mana , with its compact CVT, or “electronically controlled, continuously variable transmission”, aims to be the next step in the evolution of car technology making its way down to motorcycles. Like a modern scooter or snowmobile, the Mana has a twist-grip throttle but no clutch lever. Think of it as a DSG transmission. The motorcycles purists don’t like it one bit, but the Mana with it’s 507-pound 76 hp, 839 cc engine, isn’t aimed at experienced crotch rocket riders, but it is for the people moving up from scooters or first-timers searching for fuel economy. In today’s times, that market doesn’t necessarily care about the Italian marque’s sport-bike heritage or the perfect downshift. What it is though is motorcycle for people who don’t really care about motorcycles. The Mata fits the bill and in today’s age, the Mata is still way cooler than a scooter.  [from $9899 at aprilia]