You are looking at the first 911 that will go over 200 MPH right off of the showroom floor– 204 MPH to be exact.  The GT2 is faster than the Turbo, quicker than the GT3 and filled to the brim with the best technology Porsche has to offer. Adding 50 HP to the already quick 911′s twin turbo 480 HP 3.6 liter six cylider engine, you would think the engine weighs down the car… not exactly.  It actually lightens the total weight by using a titanium alloy. Overall, the GT2 is 320 pounds lighter than the Turbo 911 and also produces more downforce. The suspension is highly adjustable to be raised, lowered and tweaked to suit street (if you are Vin Diesel) or track (if you are Lewis Hamilton) conditions. Only 200 will be made available to the US, so exclusivity is part of it’s appeal.  [$194,000 at porsche]