The Urwerk-202 is billed as the future of fine watchmaking, and by looking at these photos, we wouldn’t be the ones to disagree with the two young owners. Essentially, they are trying to challenge people’s perceptions of Swiss watchmaking. Let’s face it, Swiss watches are by far the best watches in the world, yet they can be kind of well, boring. The 202 is anything but boring. Powered by air, not batteries, the internals of the watch are waterproof, allowing the built-in turbines to rotate based on temperature changes. In an effort to increase the lifespan of the watch, there is a switch on the back which can be set at one of three positions(each controlling the turbine speeds to a different degree). Whether it’s battery powered or powered by mice on wheels, this is one bad ass watch. Especially if you have the cash…  [$100,000 at urwerk]